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Hair Regeneration

Hair Regeneration

A new stem cell hair regeneration treatment that is a revolutionary solution to hair loss. The stem cells we use are ethical, safe and effective. The treatment offers tangible improvements to thinning hair growth by stimulating re growth of brand new hair and works for both men and women.

PRP is short for Platelet Rich Plasma and a PRP treatment is a non-surgical procedure which accelerates the growth of hair helping people who suffer from hair loss regain natural hair. In the treatment, your own PRP is injected to your scalp to stimulate the blood cells on your scalp so that your hair can grow naturally. Since it uses your own blood, it is completely safe and a very reliable procedure. Men and women can rely on this treatment to combat hair growth.

The procedure for both Stem Cell and PRP is almost similar. Before a hair treatment begins, a detailed scalp analysis is done on every patient. This test will reveal the cause of hair loss i.e vital in recommending the suitable hair solution. Once the treatment is decided, the scalp of the individual is injected with pre-cultured stem cells or essential poly-vitamins (depending on the treatment). Our treatments are quick and do not leave any scars or cuts on the scalp. Moreover, it does not involve any kind of post treatment care, which largely reduces the treatment time.

Compared to other hair treatments, the Stem cell and Mesotherapy are the best hair treatments as they do not involve downtime or any intensive post treatment care. These treatments are capable of providing a safe and assured hair growth. Unlike other treatments, the stem cell and mesotherapy penetrate their effect at the cell level rather than just the surface resulting in healthy and shiny hair growth. These treatments can be effectively performed on all types of hair, which is impossible with other procedures. Both the therapies result in stronger hair roots and a complete reconstruction of weak and damaged hair.

The cost estimation for therapies like Mesotherapy and Stem cell treatments are very hard to predict without consultation. The cummulative expenses are influenced by many factors like the type of hair problem, size of the target area and most importantly the number of sessions that is needed to complete the treatment cycle.

Our primary motto at Healthy Curves is to provide affordable and premium hair treatment for our customers. We want everyone to walk away from us feeling happy and confident with a new lease on life

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