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Hair Treatment in Hyderabad

Don’t let hair loss kill your confidence, call us now!


It is common for every person to experience hair loss within their life time. Usually, hair loss is caused due to hereditary issues, lack of nourishment and vitality. These factors give rise to premature hair loss which is a prevalent issue around the world. Sadly, many people don’t know the exact reason for their hair loss. If detected, hair loss can be treated quite easily. At healthy Curves we provide the besthair treatment in Hyderabad.

Every human tissue has a stem cell that helps in its growth, so obviously if there is a lack of these stem cells there will be lack of growth. In a stem cell therapy, a collection of pre-cultured cells and infused in the problematic area using a microscopic needle. The induced new stem cells join the older cells and generate a multiplication process that results in natural hair generation. This type ofhair treatment offers tangible improvements by stimulating a natural growth of new hair, this treatment works for both men and women.

Mesotherapy in general is a non-surgical and a quick procedure. In this procedure small micron sized injections are given to the scalp. These injections are loaded with essential poly-vitamins and other extracts that help in faster hair growth. An anesthetic cream is applied at the target area before injecting to make the process comfortable. This process is absolutely painless and will leave no scars or marks.

Healthy Curves, has been the cornerstone in providing safe and medical hair treatment in Hyderabad. Our team of specialists are well experienced and in providing safe and guaranteed hair growth. We provide solutions that are result oriented and safe. We specialize and highly recommend the use of these methods.

You cannot determine the cost without a consultation. Because, the cost depends on many parameters like hair density,scalp health and your scalp’s resistance to the treatment. Therefore, drop by our advanced care center for a consultation and a hair analysis.

So if you are suffering or noticing hair loss, then you need to seek help from an expert centre for hair treatment in Hyderabad. Consult us now, to know the exact reason for your hair loss and the safest treatment for it. Remember, healthy hair is an indication of a hygienic person.

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