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A perfect diet and exercise regime may not be enough to burn fat from few of the stubborn parts of the body. Liposuction can help in targeting those areas and shaping your body into contours that you always dreamt of.

Healthy Curves is a premier liposuction clinic in Hyderabad using safe and effective procedures of the treatment. We offer liposuction treatment to both men and women of all body types.

Liposuction is a quick, safe and effective way of removing the excess fat and deposits in your body. It is not a weight reduction procedure; instead it yields better results when you are at your optimum weight. It is capable of removing the fat cells from any part of your body, but mostly from arms, stomach, inner thighs, chin, hips and lower back.

Absolutely, liposuction does not need any kind of preparation. At your optimum weight and healthy state, the procedure can be conducted. However, you need to consult us for your initial examination. We will conduct a series of tests that will help us in prescribing you to the perfect treatment. We will consider all the factors before a treatment chart is prepared against your name.

After liposuction, the patient can expect a changed body shape. As the fat cells are removed from the targeted area, there is no chance of regeneration. You can walk into our clinic and walk out with a new lease in life. Post treatment care is not necessary unless there is a specific health reason.

Because it is time to kick out the flab.

Ring us at : 040 2774 7744, 40027744 & 89787 60606 to know how we can help you attain a well toned body.

We at Healthy Curves are committed to giving our clients the best results in the safest of working conditions. We take utmost care in providing a result that is both safe and aesthetically appealing. So if you want to know more call us or visit our liposuction clinic in Hyderabad for a consultation.

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