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stretch marks & other scars

Scretch marks & other scars

We all want smoother, tighter, younger looking skin. At Healthy Curves, we have a scientifically approved technique for you to reduce the scars and rejuvenate your skin.

Scars are like a block spot that gets highlighted on white background. Scientifically, the skin has three layers, epidermis [outer layer], dermis [middle layer] and subcutaneous [deepest layer]. Damage or an elongation in the dermis layer of our skin results in dark-colored stretch marks that tone down in course of time. Few scars might heal and disappear over a period of time.

Pregnancy, accidents, hormones or even heredity can be the usual causes for scars. Although stretch marks are unsightly they pose no health problem.

At Healthy Curves, we provide a radio-frequency, derma roller & laser based treatment for removing scars. This technology is capable of healing more than 50% of the scars color and size. For perfect and a no-scar look, the number of visits or sessions will be more. Depending on the type and intensity of the scar, the exact number of visits or sessions may vary.

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